War Diary - 2018

September 11

Launched the 7AD website.

September 16

The 22nd Armoured Brigade assigned a combat mission to defend the town of Oosterbeek - Operation launch date being 23 September, 2018

September 23

For their display of leadership and gallantry on the battlefield during the defense of Oosterbeek, L/Cpl. H. Turnip has been promoted to Corporal and Rfn. J. Miller has been promoted to Lance Corporal.

September 23

The 1939-1945 Service Star and the France to Germany Star awarded to Cpl. H. Turnip, L/Cpl. J. Miller, Rct. S. Burt, Rct. P. Kakrot, Rfn. C. Bull, Rct. M. Strelok and Rct. M. "Woody" Dyte

September 30

Although bravely fought and well executed, the 22nd Armoured Brigade were pushed out of Driel against the Kampfgruppe Lehr. For their participation in the defense operation; Trooper E. "Ernie" Volunteer, Rct. Engage and Rfn. P. Peretung were awarded the 1939-1945 Star.

October 1

Sgt. V. Da Gamma on a much needed and deserved vacation from the frontlines and training for the week of October 1st, 2018. 

August 31

On 21st October 1st Troop 5th Royal Tank Regiment in Company with 1st Platoon A Company Rifle Brigade were tasked with securing the hamlet of Doorwerthsche Bosch. In addition to the above forces a detachment of Royal Engineers and Hungarian infantry played a supporting role. [Read Full AAR]