Server Rules

Main Server Rules

  • No Racism, No Politics, No Trolling, No Religious comments, No Homophobic Language.
  • Glitches and using cheats will result in a long ban
  • Do not create a squad if you are not willing to lead it (all SLs must have a mic) ENG speaking
  • No griefing (TK in purpose, blow friendly rallies, MSPs FOBs...)
  • Do not waste team assets
  • No one-manning heavy or medium armour
  • Do not mortar fixed spawns
  • No Camping the Main Base (AT mines near are allowed) (You must let the opposing team out of their main base area)


    • AT guns and Flak guns can only be placed on the ground. They can be built in a building as long as it is on the ground floor only

    Server Seeding Rules

    • No MSP/FoB hunting No Commanders Assets until 20 v 20
    • No locking of any squads
    • No camping main base and non active objectives
    • Armour is allowed on the condition that the opposing team can counter you. If they can not counter you, you may be asked to return armour back to main

      If you need to report anything please reach out to any of our officers or NCOs in our Discord Server.