7AD Unit Information

The 7th Armoured Division are a historical realism unit based on the British Tank Division that formed in WWII. We participate in community events and casual play in realism First-Person Shooter games set in the Second World War; namely Post Scriptum, Arma III and War Thunder.

Members of the 7th Armoured Division community are a like-minded, friendly and coordinated lot with a very strict 'no assholes' policy. We run training programs weekly to improve our coordination and tactics and are always communicating via Discord in terms of how the unit can improve and what we can be doing to be more successful on the battlefield. We have fun between matches, but our TeamSpeak channel gets cleaned up and more tactical once the 'green light' comes on with the occasional whimsical, yet relevant banter. We are competitive, yet we do what we can to ensure that there is no drama or hostility between members. Our officers and NCOs are approachable individuals and are always happy to answer any questions and/or concerns you might have within the unit.

There are a wealth of resources and knowledge between the existing members and a number of World War enthusiasts looking to share knowledge and chat about era specific facts, events and stories.

Our members hail from a variety of locations world-wide, however we are concentrated in the European and North American regions. If you're unsure that your time zone won't work with our unit, reach out to a member to see if you'll fit within our 'hottest' play times.

We play a select list of games casually throughout the week (Monday to Friday) in the evenings in Europe (Afternoon / early evening in NA) and sign up for more formal events on the weekends. Community events will often not occur during the week; however members are still encouraged to attend events that do land throughout the week.

We understand that life happens, and there is a zero-stress policy when it comes to attendance. We're always happy to have you on board, however if your attendance is not high, it will not reflect negatively on you within the unit. We do not have a minimum requirement for attendance to events or casual play - As individuals we get as much or as little from the clan as we want.

Looking at becoming a 7AD member? If you align with the above, you might be in the right place. Visit our application page for info on how to get started.

If you have any additional questions, reach out to any of our Officers or NCOs in our Discord server (https://discord.gg/D4mAJfY).