PS - Infantry Wednesday - 12-09-18

PS Events

12 Sept 2018

Attack/Defence Scenario

Map: Doorwerth Single 06


Capture Point




15 minute setup time to allow German team to drive two Logistics trucks from main spawn and prepare defences leaving 30 minutes for the battle (45 minutes total). If the 15 minute setup time proves excessive after the first playthrough, this will be reduced to 10 minutes.


No Platoon Commander controlled off-map assets are to be used by either side.


British team have access to both Cromwell tanks (1 at a time) during the event after which armour is exhausted and tank crew can join as infantry if desired. Infantry have access to all other assets available at the main base including APCs and AT guns.


All defence types and weapons available via Logistics may be placed anywhere on the entire Doorwerth Single 06 map if desired. Logistics are restricted to two truckloads of resources in total. Logistics staff can assist in defence as desired or transfer to the infantry section.


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