PS Event - September 23, 2018

PS Events

7th Armoured Division is hosting an event at 19:30 BST Sunday, September 23.

Key Details:

Server will be open from 19:00 BST - Server  [7AD] Desert Rats - Password: event2

If numbers permit a second server will be set up Name TBC - Password: event2

Please try and have the majority of your units online and in the designated server by 19:00 BST. Event starts at exactly 19:30, please be ready to go at that time!

There will be a Commander's briefing at 18:30 BST

Special Rules:

  1. Usual 5 minute set up time for defenders
  2. No MSPs for either side
  3. There will be an artificial frontline system (see map below). No FoB can be set up behind the front line although troops/vehicles may move past it as usual. Once the objective is captured the frontline moves back to the next capture point.
    1. Blue = Dennenkamp Frontline
    2. Green = Kleine Kweek Frontline
    3. Yellow = Hoogerf Frontline
    4. Red = No FoB set up all game
  4. All other game aspects are vanilla

Any requests by other units can be considered at the commanders briefing


Screenshots / Video Captures:

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